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Why Exhibit

City-wide Smart Lighting networks will be the backbone of the Smart City. They enable municipalities to reduce energy while also wirelessly connecting residents, monitoring traffic, detecting crime, and sensing environmental issues. Intelligent streetlights of the future will not only provide illumination, they’ll provide the structure necessary for connected communities. 

Sponsoring SCLS will position your company as market leader in Smart City Lighting

Supplier/Exhibit Registration | $400

  • Virtual booth & Profile with one full conference registration

  • Supplier Profile with company description, social media sites, areas of interest, videos, images, PDF’s, meeting request button

  • Supplier Listing – receive meeting requests from attendees, buyers, speakers & exhibitors

  • Access to all live & on-demand presentations

  • Post Show Report

1x1 Meeting



Our team ensures you connect with the right buyer and source your targeted account lists  

VIP Buyer Program

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Our team ensures you connect with the right buyer and source your targeted account lists  

Innovative Technical Sessions

Pre-Qualified Audience

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Our team pre-qualifies all registrants to ensure you meet only the highest quality attendee


Our events focus on high quality content and tailor the program to address the most innovative technology

A Digital Conference Experience


  • A unique opportunity to meet real prospects and buyers face to face in an all day video room session

  • Message prospective clients and invite them to meet via a scheduled 1x1 meeting or through your private virtual meeting room.

  • Visitors to your virtual booth are tracked automatically as leads that you will have access to


  • Communicate the key points about your company and products exactly as you would at a physical booth, but at a fraction of the total cost.

  • Create a rich profile of product fact sheets, pictures, videos, and more.

  • Every visitor to your virtual booth will leave with a good understanding of your company and what's new.   


  • Sponsors have premium booth placement at the top of the Exhibit Floor. 

  • Take a track sponsor slot (Gold) and your brand/message will be one of a limited number of banners constantly in front of attendees all the time. You will also have branding on all the presentations in your track.

1x1 Meetings With

  • City Managers and Officials

  • Municipalities

  • Utilities

  • Smart City Service Providers

  • Smart City Solution Providers

  • Software, Hardware & Communications Providers

  • LED Providers

  • Lighting Controller Providers


Industry Leaders Serving Applications & Technologies In 

  • Miniaturization/Micro LEDs

  • DC Power Grids

  • Li-Fi/Wi-Fi Luminaires

  • LPWAN/Z-Wave/LoRa/ZigBee/Bluetooth

  • 4G/5G Network Integration

  • Indoor Smart City Lighting

  • Standards

  • Proprietary v. Open Source

  • Intelligent Lighting System Integration

  • Environmental Monitoring Sensors

  • Controllers/Lighting Control

  • LEDs

  • Software

  • Security/Intelligent Vision Systems

  • Renewable Energy Collection

  • Smart Charging Station Integration

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