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Tuya Smart and SATCO Partner to Expand Smart Lighting Reach in North America

Tuya Smart and SATCO Products, Inc. has expanded of their partnership to give both companies new key advantages in the North American smart home market.

SATCO is a supplier of lighting products throughout North America, providing LED lamps, fixtures, and electrical solutions to the industrial, commercial, and residential lighting markets. With five strategically located distribution centers in the United States and with others in Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

The STARFISH brand leverages SATCO’S unique lighting expertise and experience to offer smart Wi-Fi enabled lighting products that bring convenience, security, wellness, and interconnection to the home. Each STARFISH product features an integrated Tuya Wi-Fi module. User control is accessible through mobile devices, voice assistants, and Samsung SmartThings. These smart devices, when used in conjunction with the STARFISH app, enable total home integration with other ‘Powered by Tuya’ products via the secure and encrypted cloud-based platform.

This new alignment opens up STARFISH to a world of interconnected devices powered by Tuya’s smart technology, expanding the in-home connectivity of STARFISH products to possibilities beyond the lighting world. SATCO joins Tuya’s ecosystem with other industry-leading partners, expanding SATCO’s STARFISH products into a larger community of connected devices.

SATCO launched STARFISH in early 2021 with a robust line of lighting products including lamps, fixtures, and decorative ambient lighting products. The products have an assortment of options like tunable white and full RGB color changing modes, styles like filaments and globes, and additional features like wet location and cut-to-length tape light; there’s something for every space in a home. Already, it has been a great success, selling out with 100% increases month over month to become one of SATCO’s most popular lines.

“This is an exciting opportunity, which brings quality systems together under one global umbrella. Tuya Smart has been a critical partner in the creation of the STARFISH brand, and we look forward to our continued development of revolutionary products and technologies together,” said Brian Brandes, SVP of Product Development and Marketing, SATCO.

“Tuya is thrilled to be partnering with SATCO and collaborating on their new STARFISH lighting line,” said Fritz Werder, General Manager of Tuya North America. “SATCO is a leading brand across a number of channels including electrical distribution, and we are proud to support their technological needs for success in the North American smart home market.”

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