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Innoviz Technologies and Sensagrate Announce Partnership to Enable Smart City Applications

Innoviz Technologies and Sensagrate, a leader in Smart City technology, data analytics, and reporting products that enable real-time traffic, pedestrian and cyclist safety on roadways, have announced a partnership to integrate InnovizOne LiDAR sensors with SensaVision, Sensagrate's computer vision software.

The addition of InnovizOne to the SensaVision suite will enable a variety of applications that improve pedestrian and automobile safety, preventing near-miss collisions at intersections, collecting unique data for root cause analysis of pedestrian related incidents through intelligent data collection and predictive analytics. LiDAR-based intelligent traffic decisions will improve traffic flow and reduce traffic congestion, leading to a decrease in fatalities and emissions. We believe the collection of precise data, derived with InnovizOne on Sensagrate's system, will advance city planning by allowing predictive models to be built over time that help cities have safer roads while reducing congestion.

"InnovizOne's uniform high resolution of 0.1x0.1 over the entire Field of View allows SensaVision to track vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles over a wide area with high resolution," said Darryl Keeton, President of Sensagrate. "We found the range and point density of InnovizOne uniquely suited to the SensaVision smart and safe intelligent transportation system solution because we can angle the LiDAR for optimal coverage. The size and industrial design of InnovizOne is a perfect fit for integrating sensors into traffic signals with ease."

"Innoviz is very happy to have been chosen by Sensagrate for their Smart City and Smart Transportation applications," said Omer Keilaf, Co-Founder and CEO of Innoviz. "Our LiDAR sensors and perception software support a diverse set of applications across a wide array of verticals. We are thrilled to partner with Sensagrate to advance the safety of future cities starting today."

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