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First Smart Lighting Product Achieves a UL Iot Security Rating

Delta has announced that its Bluetooth panel light PA1 has become the first smart lighting product globally to achieve a UL IoT Security Rating. In the era of rapidly developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications, this demonstrates Delta's active emphasis on and dedication to cyber security and international certification. Delta's Bluetooth panel light can be controlled via mobile phones, which can save wiring costs while increasing application flexibility, as well as provide an information backbone for smart buildings. The UL international security certification of PA1 will help Delta expand its global market.

Calvin Wang, head of Delta's IoT Lighting Business Division, said, "Delta strives to develop IoT-based building automation solutions to promote the development of smart buildings. Lighting fixtures are one of the most common and evenly distributed infrastructures in buildings. The DeltaZhi lighting system not only provides lighting but also serves as a node for information acquisition and transmission as the backbone of smart buildings, supporting extensive value-added applications and services. The emphasis on cyber security has long been the principle for Delta's development team. It is an honor for Delta's Bluetooth panel light PA1 to be the first smart lighting product globally to achieve a UL IoT Security Rating. In the future, Delta will continue to strengthen the cyber security design of its IoT products to provide clients with more reliable products and services."

Jonathan (TsungHung) Chen, vice president and managing director of UL Taiwan, emphasized that "Cyber security is a key link in the current development of IoT technology, and UL's IoT security rating is an important indicator for evaluating the security performance of IoT products. The verification is based on the consensus standards of the global industry. Through rigorous multi-faceted assessments, UL actively detects potential deficiencies in the cyber security of products so as to introduce more effective security protection mechanisms. Delta attaches great importance to and responds to IoT product security certification quickly, demonstrating its determination and commitment to improving the security of IoT products while increasing the market's attention to IoT cyber security issues."

The software for Delta's Bluetooth panel light PA1 effectively uses security keys, thus passing the silver level of the UL IoT Security Rating. Delta's Bluetooth panel light series products are in compliance with the Bluetooth SIG Mesh Profile. The DeltaZhi™ light control system, with built-in Bluetooth Intelligent Control (BIC) technology that enables decentralized autonomous control technology, allows users to adjust color temperature and brightness, and set the scene and grouping through mobile phones, Bluetooth wall switches or sensors. This system is not limited by the loop nor require complex settings, and can be controlled in group or individually. In addition to saving wiring costs, it can increase application flexibility, which is the dream of many designers. On the basis of Bluetooth, lighting fixtures can form a dense IoT network between themselves as the core backbone of relevant value-added services, such as data collection, indoor positioning, and asset management in smart buildings.

In recent years, IoT applications have increased rapidly, and are expected to greatly change the appearance of future cities, buildings, and factories alongside the development of 5G. However, many experts warn that as long as all devices are connected to the Internet, a cyber security loophole may occur. Delta puts great emphasis on the cyber security of IoT devices and is taking the lead in applying for UL's strict security certification. For this certification, around 20 tests were conducted in seven categories, including software updates, data and cryptography, protocol security, and system management, which enables Delta to provide more secure and reliable IoT devices to global clients.

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