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Smart City Lighting Summit - Event Overview

City-wide Smart Lighting networks will be the backbone of the Smart City. They enable municipalities to reduce energy while also wirelessly connecting residents, monitoring traffic, detecting crime, and sensing environmental issues. Intelligent streetlights of the future will not only provide illumination, they’ll provide the structure necessary for connected communities. 

Attendees of this conference will learn how to deploy a centrally controlled lighting platform and understand the benefits of doing so. You will come away from this event with a better understanding of building a smart infrastructure network from scratch. The conference will cover the technological, business, and policy aspects of this emerging market.


  • Smart Lighting Systems

  • Public Safety/Security

  • Traffic Management/Monitoring

  • Smart Parking

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Extended WiFi/5G/4G Cellular Communications

  • Financing Smart Lighting Networks

  • Consumer/Resident Support

  • Utility Owned Lighting

  • Smart Building Lighting

  • Asset Tracking with Lights

  • Smart Building Integration

  • Light Pollution/Dimming


  • Intelligent Lighting System Integration

  • Environmental Monitoring Sensors

  • Controllers/Lighting Control

  • LEDs

  • Software

  • Security/Intelligent Vision Systems

  • Renewable Energy Collection

  • Smart Charging Station Integration

  • Miniaturization/Micro LEDs

  • DC Power Grids

  • Li-Fi/Wi-Fi Luminaires

  • LPWAN/Z-Wave/LoRa/ZigBee/Bluetooth

  • 4G/5G Network Integration

  • Indoor Smart City Lighting

  • Standards

  • Proprietary v. Open Source

Who Should Attend?

  • City Managers and Officials

  • Municipalities

  • Utilities

  • Smart City Service Providers

  • Smart City Solution Providers

  • Software, Hardware, and Communications Providers

  • LED Providers

  • Lighting Controller Providers

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